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About Mason County

Mason County is a county of mountains, water and trees.  It is a county of unsurpassed natural beauty where many people come to play, and where many of us have decided to stay and live.  This county is only a couple of hours from almost anywhere in Northwest Washington.  It is located on the Olympic Peninsula and it surrounds the beautiful Hood Canal and the Olympic Mountains.  In Mason County you will find 900 miles of shoreline. 

Hood Canal is a narrow saltwater fjord, and it flows inland throughout the area from the Straits of Juan de Fuca along scenic Highway 101, past Hoodsport, bordering the Great Bend at Union and continuing further inland.  

Exciting mountain views, fresh clams and oysters and other shellfish, deep saltwater diving, water skiing, kayaking, fishing, golfing and much more await your discovery in Mason County.   Hike the Olympic National Forest, or play on the many beaches.  

Mason County is filled up with natural beauty.  Come watch the eagles fish.   Enjoy frequent deer sightings, and see if you can spot a fox.  You can visit, and stay at one of our resorts:  Alderbrook Resort & Spa in Union and the Little Creek Casino Resort near Shelton.   Or you can make the move, and come live here. 

SHELTON LAND & HOMES, LLC is an independent real estate office owned by Bev Lopez.  The designated broker is John Borgert.  This office has been around for nearly 50 years, and seen the remarkable growth and development of the real estate market during those years.  This office is the place to come when it comes to looking for property in Mason County.   Kedda Keough is one of the real estate professionals in this office.  She has both her ABR (Accredited Buyers Representative) and ePRO (Internet professional) designations.

The towns of Mason County are these:  Hoodsport, Lake Cushman, Belfair, Grapeview, Allyn, Shelton, Union, and Hood Canal.  Shelton is the county seat. 

See "Selling WA State" for lots of great resources. 

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The Advantages of Living in Mason County

The word’s getting out to visitors, retirees and people desiring a “no-growth area” -- Mason County has some of the finest unspoiled scenery in all of Washington State. Many are inspired to move here, retire here, and live in Mason County, where constant progress, development and expansion have been slowed down.

The State of Washington mandates that each county develop and implement a growth management plan. Mason County and the City of Shelton, the only incorporated area, have both decided in their growth management plans to have “no growth”. Growth occurs where zoning is planned for commercial, retail and housing needs.

Current Growth Management plans for Mason County and the City of Shelton do not make commercial land with public services available for sale or lease. The county’s growth management plan does not include zoning for future commercial and retail development. This means that commercial organizations are not able to create additional employment. Large retail organizations find the same situation – no land with public services available to construct new stores. The housing sector planning allows more growth. The City of Shelton potentially has upwards to 3000 available buildings sites.

In regard to growth in housing, future housing is limited to one house per 5 acres, 10 acres, 20 acres or 40 acres . Another fact is that probably of 80% or more of Mason County land is classified into timber, open space and agricultural which does not allow homes to be built. Growth in the next 10 years is going to be limited, and slowed down.

If you are a small entrepreneur it is possible to locate a cottage industry in the county. Types of business activity is authorized by the county. Owner or lessee must reside on the property and no more than 5 employees can be on the property. Contact Mason County Community Development for additional regulations.

The exception to the “no growth” planning is the 2 Indian tribes (Squaxins and Skokomish). Both tribes have contributed greatly to the growth and employment in Mason County in recent years. The Squaxin tribe operates a large casino and hotel. They also have the first cigarette manufacturing company built west of the Mississippi river. An 18 hole golf course is currently under construction. The Slokomish tribe also operates a casino, with plans for future growth. Both tribes are involved in the fishing and shellfish industry. Growth in the future will be limited for both tribes since the reservations have small amounts of land suitable for development.

If you are tired of being stuck in traffic and the congestion of high growth areas
you should visit Mason County. You can drive for miles on the state and county
roads and never encounter a stop sign or traffic light (county boasted 15 traffic lights in 2007). Occasionally traffic will be backed up when the train hauling lumber or other commodities crosses the road but this seems not to bother the local residents.

Clean air is a standard feature of Mason County. The rainfall in Mason County averages around 60 inches per year and the rain consistently cleans the air. Parking is free in Mason County - no parking garages, meters. Public transportation is free anywhere in Mason County and if you are handicapped you can call Dial-A-Ride to pick you up.

You will see forests under management of large and small timber companies as you drive through the county. Salt water and fresh water activities abound – 900 hundred miles of shoreline and numerous lakes are located in the county.

Mason County is the most commuter dependent of the 39 counties in the State of Washington. Residents travel to Olympia at one end and to Bremerton at the other end. Large shopping areas are located in Olympia and Bremerton, and both are just a short distance from Mason County’s lines. It is also an easy commute to Tacoma.

If you are looking for an area that has no plans for growth (for at least 10 years), clean
air, no traffic and congestion, salt and fresh water activities and some of the finest unspoiled scenery in all of Washington State (maybe the nation), you should investigate Mason County.